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Colton Holly


Colton passed away on July 8, 2010 due to an accidental drowning while at summer camp. We will never know exactly what happened the night that Colton passed away (until we see him again) but we feel that Colton was going full force like always and didn't take into account how cold the water was or how deep he was going.


Colton attended Wilsonville High School where he was preparing to enter his junior year. Colton was actively involved in Wilsonville Youth Sports in which he played football, baseball, and lacrosse. As a freshman, Colton was a member of the Varsity swim team and Junior Varsity lacrosse team. As a sophomore, Colton was a member of the Varsity wrestling team and Junior Varsity lacrosse team. Wrestling and lacrosse were his favorite sports and he played them with a passion and intensity that was second to none.


"Never give up on something you can't go a day without thinking about."


The above quote was one of Colton's favorites. Colton loved life and he lived it to the fullest. He felt it was his job to make everyone laugh and to understand that going 100% all the time is the only way to go.


"Sun's Out Guns Out" was another favorite of Colton's. Colton was built like a wrestler and never hesitated to show that off. If it was remotely warm, Colton had his shirt off or was at a minimum in a sleeveless shirt of some kind, or a "dirty-t" as he and his friends liked to call them.



How His Friends Describe Him:


As parents, we see our children as the greatest! We knew that Colton was as loyal of a friend as anyone could hope for. Below are some quotes about Colton from those who knew him well...his friends!


"You have no idea how your bravery inspired people, your happiness was intoxicating. Even without you physically with us, I know you are still running around making fun of Cam and living up to the name you created for yourself, Colton Holly. No one will ever match up to you."


" were sooo quiet and shy, and I distinctly remember like a month later you were friends with the entire grade. Everyone loved your laugh soo much and I will never forget it."


This was his best piece of advice ~ "If you're gonna get all butt hurt about it and look back on bad memories, you need to at least look over your right shoulder. Because if you're gonna look over your left, it sure as hell won't be any more right and better than it was before."


When he would spend the night he would wake up super dramatic always rolling around moaning if someone was next to him he would punch them and then say in a weird voice "Jesus? Why am I so strong?" or " Jesus? Why am I so beautiful?"


"you were always able to make everyone laugh. You always had a smile on your face..."


"Colton you were one of my best friends in the whole world! You are so strong and stuck up for the weaker people when they needed it. I can't even explain how great of a person you are!"

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